Defending the Digital Infrastructure for Campaigns & Elections

You’re busy focused on winning campaigns and ensuring fair elections. Let OutStack help your organization find and fix cybersecurity problems or issues on your websites and online fundraising platforms.




OutStack uses machine-learning technology to quickly scan the internet for copycat sites and scan your website for cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


Your organization will receive a report of issues or potential concerns.


OutStack will also provide recommendations to improve your security, including fixes for cybersecurity problems and next steps on copycat websites.

OutStack’s innovative solutions provide candidates and government officials with deep web visibility by using new machine-learning technologies to monitor the integrity of web information and highlight those who may be undermining public trust.



OutStack Technologies defends the digital infrastructure for campaigns and elections by delivering enhanced and dynamic visibility into their online presence.


Maintain a robust brand by identifying cybersecurity vulnerabilities that can take down critical online resources, like voter information web pages and campaign websites


Demonstrate their commitment to their constituents by stopping the spread of malware jumping from official sites to voters' personal technology


Strengthen public trust and fundraising goals by helping to shut down fake copycat websites that misinform and divert donations to others


Have a question about elections security, or how a candidate may
want to set up their digital assets to ensure better security?

Contact us today to find out how our elections security consultants can help you. Custom-built for your needs, we can help your organization tackle its digital security concerns with on-site or remote consulting.




  • check Identifying Copycat Sites
  • check Continuous Domain Monitoring
  • check Preventing Online Donation Theft
  • check Baseline Website Cybersecurity Checkup
  • check Domain Acquisition Recommendations
  • check Website Malware Identification


  • International Expertise with 15+ years in elections
  • Strong foundational members with professional service in Cybersecurity & Big Data
  • Working product since 2012

JOSHUA FRANKLIN | Chief Information Security Officer

Josh believes in the magical power of tidying up...your elections infrastructure, that is! (Well, maybe his bathroom, too…) In all seriousness, Josh is one of the nation’s leading experts in election cybersecurity issues, previously leading the US Government’s efforts in updating the cybersecurity standards for voting systems, drafting security guidance for campaigns, and serving on program committees for international election technology journals. Joshua regularly works with candidates on both sides of the aisle in the US and abroad, sharing his passion for cybersecurity and defending democracy with governments, campaigns, and voters.

KEVIN FRANKLIN | Chief Executive Officer

Kevin brings his 30+ years of big data and life experience to guide (what some might call) an overly enthusiastic team of freaks and geeks at OutStack. As an electronics tinkerer, he has a passion for figuring out how things work and making it so. When he isn’t coding, getting into the data weeds, or keeping everyone in check at OutStack, he is probably out on the water in whatever water-based vehicle he can (legally?) get his hands on.

KENNY THOMPSON | Chief Technology Officer

Kenny has a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems, but his career in technology began long before, when he spent his pre-adolescent years crafting Angelife websites for others. Between then and now, he’s developed deep expertise in leading diverse teams across multiple dev stacks within a microservices architecture. And though he definitely lives and breathes building technical works of genius, he also indulges the right side of his brain with his musical skills. Despite receiving the worst grade he’s ever gotten in a music appreciation class in college, he defies all naysayers by continuing to play guitar and piano and singing on key (or maybe purposefully off-key if he really likes you).

MARY YANG | Director of Benefits

Mary has two degrees in English Literature (yes, she got two of them before realizing they may not be worth all that much outside of academia), but that didn’t stop her from developing an expansive career in product & content marketing. Among her 15 years of experience, she’s worked with techy nonprofits and ERP & SaaS companies, leading business-to-business and business-to-government marketing efforts. Most recently, she led cybersecurity market research efforts within a federal organization.

ELI FRANKLIN | Chief Research Officer

Eli focuses on the intersection of cool and geeky to bring cutting-edge innovations to OutStack solutions. He obtained his Master of Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering with an emphasis on Machine Learning at Mississippi State University.

JARED SIMS | Chief Experience Officer | CXO

Leading and serving all mediums of design, Jared brings to the team visual direction and best-in-class experiential outcomes. His designs parlay between CX/UX/UI/Visual Design and reflect a methodical, overall design cohesion. He is passionate about people first, which transcends into an empathetic outlook on our customers to promote best-possible outcomes and standards in design. With 15 years of design exploration and delivery, Jared brings a healthy perspective to our process and commitment for our customers.




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